Through a number of rounds of printing, I have sold over 400 shirts, as well as patches and prints. 


In total, this fundraiser has raised over $10,000 donated directly to Indigenous-led frontlines resistance to the Line 3 pipeline. 

This is incredible, and it's all thanks to each and every one of you! 

Update Spring 2021: I have decided to take a long pause from shirt printing. Thank you for all the support, encouragement, and interest. I will let you know if I go back to printing.

Please, find your place in the Movement to Stop Line 3. 


Line 3 is a proposed tar sands oil pipeline that would run from Alberta to Wisconsin and cut across northern Minnesota. This fight is urgent. Two months ago Minnesota’s Governor, Tim Walz, signed off on the final permits for Line 3, and construction began immediately. Enbridge, the company that wants to build line 3 has been tearing down trees, laying pipes, and preparing to drill under the Mississippi River. This pipeline embodies numerous evils: pollution, oil spills, trafficking, deforestation, and immense climate damage. It is a huge threat to indigenous sovereignty, and sacred livelihoods. Even though construction has started, it has been met with incredible resistance. Indigenous led groups like the Giniw Collective, Honor the Earth, the Gitchigummi Scouts, and the Rise Coalition, and the grassroots movement of allies supporting them, are standing strong for sovereignty, environmental justice, and climate action.

Learn more about the Line 3 pipeline and ways you can join the resistance 



Line 3 will never be built in Minnesota. To ensure that, we’ve got to fortify our resistance movement as the construction continues. In particular, we need to support the Indigenous-led frontlines resistance happening along the pipeline route. 


Movements are made with many people utilizing their unique skills, so I am designing and silkscreening shirts. All proceeds will be donated to support frontlines resistance to Line 3, so please consider what wealth you can afford to redistribute. If you’re a water protector without access to generational wealth, I want to share this movement art with you. No need to pay. 


The artwork here is mine. If you're interested in using it for water protecting purposes, send me an email, I'd love to chat.